Iulia Pricope

Social exclusion researcher and project manager

I am researcher that focuses on social exclusion, social integration and the design oftools to assess, diagnose and evaluate social projects. My previous investigations include”Invisibility as a strategy: stigma and integration of Romanians in Catalonia” presented in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and published by Tirant lo Blanch 2020. I have worked for the Human Rightsand International Cooperation department of the Spanish Red Cross, managing a social change communication projectthat challenged the stigma surrounding forced migration. In addition, I have worked for Engineers without Borders in Timor Leste and implementing Gender Based Violence Prevention projects with youth for local administrations in Ibiza, Spain.

Andrea Cowper Roggen

Social exclusion researcher and project manager

Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) with an MA in Advance Studies on Social Exclusion by the University of Barcelona (UB).

After four years dedicated to the engineering sector, I took a 180º turn in my career to dedicate my time to something that I feel passionate about: the social sciences. My work in the social field is centred inqualitative investigationsto reveal root causes and effects of social exclusion and the design of effective tools for its prevention.

Participatory workshops

Through a multidisciplinary perspective that combines technical and social competences and knowledge, my work includes the design and implementation of participatory workshops and dynamics that raise awareness about different social issuesdirected at a wide array of audiences; these include: Gender Based Violence prevention and the stigma surrounding forced migration.

Coordination, design and project implementation

During my time working as Project Coordinator for the Human Rightsand International Cooperation department of the Spanish Red Cross, in collaboration with the  Barça Foundation, I managed the project  “Tant se val d’on venim”  a social communication project that challenged the stigma surrounding forced migration.In addition, I designed and implemented activities with asylum seekers in Barcelona,trained over 100 volunteers participating in the project and participated in conferences to give visibility to key issues surrounding forced migration. I have also worked as an agent of change implementing learning resources that show the reality experienced by people that have been forced to migrated due to war or lack of freedom.

I have been self-employed for most of my life and have extensive experience working under in demanding environments with heavy workloads and responsibility.

I am an organised, autonomous, self-sufficient, and assertive communicator that ensures effective and inclusive processes for the different Stakeholders of the projects I manage.

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Tani Cowper Roggen

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