Andrea Cowper Roggen

International development evaluation consultant

I am a sociologist that studied at Complutense University in Madrid and hold a Masters in Africa and International Development at the University of Edinburgh. I initially developed research in the academic sphere, specialising, in 2015, in monitoring, evaluation and learning in the field of international development. I have acquired experience both in investigations with rigorous theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches, such as impact evaluations and formative research for development programmes.
Andrea Cowper Roggen

Qualitative research

I have extensive experience in all phases of qualitative research, including the design of investigations for public administrations and NGOs, development of qualitative research tools adapted to diverse populations in situation of social exclusion including girls and boys, sexual workers and police in Malawi.

Coordinating teams

I have proven experience coordinating interdisciplinary and multicultural teams including: the evaluation of a interactive radio project by Theatre for a Change Malawi; social intervention street education project for Pedrezuela’s Town Hall, and an educational project Plan Refuerza at Las Encinas Secondary School, Madrid.

Building capacities

In addition I have acquired experience in building capacities of very different populations including the implementation of gender workshops for unemployed people for the Regional Employment Service in Madrid; training in research tools and techniques of students for the evaluation of a community development project in Ecuador; and teaching conversational English to youth as part of the Plan Refuerza in Madrid.

I have been self-employed for most of my life and have extensive experience working under in demanding environments with heavy workloads and responsibility.

I am an organised, autonomous, self-sufficient, and assertive communicator that ensures effective and inclusive processes for the different Stakeholders of the projects I manage.

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Tani Cowper Roggen

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