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Hybris is a network of professionals dedicated to social transformation. We are passionate about sustainable processes of change; investigating, contrasting, analysing, understanding and designing creative solutions to social needs.

The values that drive us include solidarity, mutual support, gender equity, interculturality, critical thinking, respect for human rights, horizontality, participation and justice, advocating for a culture of zero tolerance to all forms of social exclusion, inequality and discrimination.

Anna Serra Sanz

Anna Serra Sanz

I am a psychologist specialised in Re-encounter counselling, Sexuality and Violence Prevention

I respectfully accompany people, couples and/or groups that want to embark on a transformative process through care, learning and resilience.

With more than 10 years of experience in teaching, investigation and community interventions working with, amongst others, youth at risk of social exclusion, grass-roots women, migrants and long-term unemployed people.

Andrea Cowper Roggen

Andrea Cowper Roggen

International development evaluation, monitoring and learning consultant

I am a social researcher specialised in monitoring, evaluation and learning in the field of international development. I have extensive experience designing and implementing qualitative investigations adapted to diverse populations in situation of social exclusion and multicultural contexts, including: youth -including young girls, sexual workers and police in Malawi, women in informal settlements in Ecuador, and long-term unemployed people in Madrid.

Olmo Morales Albarrán

Olmo Morales Albarrán

Social artisan, sociologist and therapist, specialised in gender and masculinity.

I have worked for more than 10 years promoting effective equality between men and women. Beyond my professional specialisation, this area constitutes a central axis of my permanent life interests and occupation. I accompany processes of change both at an individual and collective level and work as a consultant in any investigation related to inequality.

Tani Cowper Roggen

Tani Cowper Roggen

Communication for behavioural and social change consultant

With more than 10 years experience in the design, coordination and evaluation of social communication projects, I work for people at risk of social exclusion to prevent violence against women and girls, promote of sexual and reproductive rights and empowerment, community development, and protection of human rights and the environment in Timor Leste, Cambodia, Malawi, Ecuador, Spain and Scotland.

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Monitorización, Evaluación y aprendizaje

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Investigación Social

Social Investigation

Comunicación para cambio social

Social Change Communication

Acompañamiento terapéutico e intervención comunitaria

Therapeutic Accompaniment and Community Intervention

Género y Equidad

Gender equity

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