Therapeutic Accompaniment and Community Intervention

Re-encounter and people-centred counselling we offer individual, relational and communitarian accompaniment by listening, and caring for each process.

We know that sometimes life can be hard, that you feel lost in a labyrinth, and find ourselves facing difficult situations and decisions that require the space and care to address them

That’s why at Hybris we support you through personal and communitarian processes, creating safe spaces to build trust and accompany you in understanding what is happening.

Our humanist perspective is based on acceptance, positive and unconditional evaluation and empathy; attitudes that allow a person to transform their inner world, values and beliefs through the validation of their own emotional experience.

Both for Therapeutic Accompaniment and Community Interventions, learning, transformation and resilience are approached at three different levels that are connected with each other: Personal, Relational and Social, promoting care in the these three spheres. Our aim is to improve the biopsychosocial and sexual health of people; and do so through a Gender and Communitarian approach.

Acompañamiento Terapéutico e Intervención Comunitaria

Therapeutic Accompaniment

We work from a humanist perspective, placing people at the centre of our work. Further than offering closed solutions, we create the necessary conditions to facilitate self-knowledge. Through a respectful and non-directive approximation, we enable you to know yourself in depth and through self-awareness, you decide to take actions that drive you.

More specifically, we accompany men in a process of self-exploration from a feminist perspective, favouring the recognition of the necessary changes towards fairer relationships with women.

Community Intervention

Community Intervention enables us to approach the biopsychosocial and sexual health of people, facilitating learning and transformation through interaction with the group. We create safe spaces to practice ‘what if?’ exercises in different situations. This perspective allows us to become aware of things that don’t work for us and, if we desire, begin to introduce changes.

We implement different workshops exploring the following aspects:

  • Self-knowledge for change
  • Loving relationships for the promotion of care and the Prevention of Violence
  • Crisis and bereavement
  • Encounter groups

Our services

Monitorización, Evaluación y aprendizaje

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Investigación Social

Social Investigation

Comunicación para cambio social

Social Change Communication

Acompañamiento terapéutico e intervención comunitaria

Therapeutic Accompaniment and Community Intervention

Género y Equidad

Gender equity

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