Gender and Equity

Our firm commitment to promote equal relations between the sexes is a cross-cutting objective of our project. To this end our team of experts dedicated to gender equity, that offer a wide array of services with a particular focus on gender based violence and other related forms of violence.

Capacity building

To generate changes in societies or communities it is key to work on an interpersonal level on the specific aspects that want to be transformed. We offer trainings for professionals that work with people (social, education and health sectors); helping to incorporate knowledge that can be applied to their every day work to prevent or tackle violations of women’s, girl’s, boy’s and LGTBI population’s rights.

Gender Based Violence Prevention

We work with youth and adult population to raise awareness and generate changes in attitudes and values that tackle social norms, and prevent violent acts. We support your team in the design, strategic planning, content development and implementation of evidence based communication actions that engage the public to reflect about social problems, and prompts them to action. Our services include a wide programme of evidence based interventions tailored to the specific issues faced by your organisation, education centre or entity.

Women’s groups and men’s groups

We coordinate and facilitate single-sexed working groups where we effectively delve into the more specific characteristics of each group – with women our focus area is empowerment; with males we challenge privilege and entitlement. Our work is undergone trough experiential dynamics that foster inner changes -awareness, critical thinking, attitudes and values, and new, more equitable practices.

Género y equidad

Advisory services

We incorporate a gender perspective in your social research and intervention programmes. Although there is rising awareness of the need to integrate this perspective, we know it is not always easy. Following a diagnosis we offer specific actionable recommendations and tools for all phases of the project cycle; including the design, implementation process, as well as evaluation and dissemination of your initiative.

Equality Plans

We use social research techniques (quantitative and qualitative) to design evidence based action plans for the integration of a gender perspective in your organisation. We tailor specific cross cutting actionable measures that promote equal treatment and opportunity; guaranteeing compliance with legal obligations and enhancing team performance.

Our services

Monitorización, Evaluación y aprendizaje

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Investigación Social

Social Investigation

Comunicación para cambio social

Social Change Communication

Acompañamiento terapéutico e intervención comunitaria

Therapeutic Accompaniment and Community Intervention

Género y Equidad

Gender equity

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