Behavioural and social change communication

Communication is instrumental in any process of social change. Our interdisciplinary team align our creative communication strategies with peoples values. We develop and evaluate evidence based projects that integrate key drivers of change and engage the public in social mobilisation.

At Hybris we specialise in behavioural and social change communication

We design evidence based initiatives derived from the analysis of people’s needs, knowledge, perception and positioning in relation to the desired change. Our team uses participatory research techniques to define a strategic blend of communication actions that engage the audience in critically thinking about social issues. Beyond informing or raising awareness, our work promotes the adoption and maintenance of new individual and collective behaviours.

We investigate to uncover key drivers that motivate action. We work to engage and persuade, involving the public in the decision making process and ensure relevance and ownership. Hybris creates inclusive supportive environments for reflection, participation and active listening, that promote critical thinking and empower people to find solutions to individual, relational, community and social issues. Our services include:

Comunicación para el cambio social y de comportamiento

Strategic advice in the design and implementation of prevention projects

We investigate the root causes of social issues, revealing risk and protective factors that facilitate prevention; in particular prevention of violence against women. We support your team in the design, strategic planning, content development and implementation of a comprehensive blend of communication actions that engage the public to reflect about social problems, and prompt them to action. Our SBCC strategies include: interpersonal communication, participatory actions, public advocacy, community mobilisation, publicity, promotion and incentives.

Process and impact evaluation of social communication initiatives

With extensive practical experience in all stages of the SBCC cycle, we offer a comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and learning service. We use formative research to determine specific factors that hinder and facilitate results. We reveal communication keys that connect people´s needs, desires and aspirations; and offer the design, implementation and continuous adaptation of high-impact strategies.

Our services

Monitorización, Evaluación y aprendizaje

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Investigación Social

Social Investigation

Comunicación para cambio social

Social Change Communication

Acompañamiento terapéutico e intervención comunitaria

Therapeutic Accompaniment and Community Intervention

Género y Equidad

Gender equity

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