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We are a feminist, interdisciplinary network of professionals that offer creative and transformative solutions to social problems.

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Our team is dedicated to social research, intervention and capacity building.

People are at the centre of everything we do. We facilitate participatory processes that promote critical thinking, transform beliefs, attitudes and behaviours for social change.

Investigación e intervención social
La escucha y el cuidado del proceso y los resultados

We tailor our work to respond to your project´s needs, ensuring process quality and results.

Empathy shapes the way we understand social issues. We approach each reality from a multidisciplinary perspective, gaining analytical depth in the understanding of individual, relational, communitarian and social processes.

La escucha y el cuidado del proceso y los resultados

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Monitorización, Evaluación y aprendizaje

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Investigación Social

Social Investigation

Comunicación para cambio social

Social Change Communication

Acompañamiento terapéutico e intervención comunitaria

Therapeutic Accompaniment and Community Intervention

Género y Equidad

Gender equity

“The team of researchers were great professionals and very attentive to the reality and needs of the community we work with, as well as the staff responsible of implementing the project. The research was guided by a participatory process that allowed us all the opportunity to nurture the research from different perspectives.”

José Alonso Cornejo Sologuren — General Director of TECHO Ecuador

“Hybris has a rigorous work ethic and pays great attention to detail. They effectively responded to the needs of the project, demonstrating great analytical skills and flexibility when faced by unforeseen circumstances”

Professor and researcher at the Complutense University of Madrid — El grupo de investigación Empleo, Genero y Cohesión social (EGECO)

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Comunidad de Madrid
I.E.S. Las Encinas
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Theatre for a Change

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